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Our Products Lytica software applications create transparency to see hidden costs and risks which enable our clients
to enhance their business success.

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Why Lytica Lytica specializes in electronic components and their applications with product/service offerings that address chronic supply chain issues that plague OEMs and EMS companies.

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VendorAssessments Fast track sourcing is about having the knowledge to make fast and informed decisions about your supply chain. VendorAssessments applications put vital information at our clients’ fingertips, removing the risk from supply base decisions.

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Our Firm Lytica is a leader in supply chain consulting, services and software application products. With a focus on
electronic components, we assist clients with cost reduction and security of supply improvement.

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Our Clients Lytica customers are some of the world’s most prestigious OEM, EMS, Distribution and Component Manufacturers. Find out what they have discovered about Lytica products and services and what keeps them coming back.

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About Lytica


Streamlining Progress underlines our mission. Lytica brings visibility to supply chain risk and cost.

Transparency provides knowledge to enable an action cycle that drives results.  Our goal is to reduce our clients’ vulnerability, improve competitiveness and get results fast.

Lytica - Streamlining Progress

Benefit from the Lytica advantage!

l bullet World’s Largest Independent Component Pricing Database
l bullet Fast Track Cost Reduction
l bullet Fast Track Sourcing
l bullet Cost Visibility
l bullet Unprecedented Market Intelligence
l bullet Knowledge-based Applications


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"The current tools are one thing, but if you have any feedback or concerns that you are faced with, Lytica will react and next thing you know, you have a new tool to address it."

Ron Preston
Sr. Director of Global Supply Chain Strategies

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Lytica Insights

White Paper - Component Cost Estimator

Component costing and alternate component sourcing saves both time and money.

Many of the world’s leading companies use to improve their component cost competitiveness, market leadership and profitability. How? Our proven proprietary approach supported by the largest independent database of current industry pricing gives…

White Paper - Fast Track Sourcing

Sourcing is about finding the right parts, approving the manufacturer and channel and qualifying the component in the application. Fast Track Sourcing is about doing this faster and better. Fast Track Sourcing is about time to knowledge!

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Growing Ottawa based Supply Chain Analytics & Services company – Lytica Inc., announced Monday, the release of their new free BENCHMARK REPORT designed for companies that use electronic components within their products.