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Founded in 2005 by a team of seasoned electronics and telecom executives as a supply chain consulting company, Lytica grew to provide consulting, supply chain and component engineering services and SCM analytic tools.

We specialized in electronic components and their application with offerings that address many of the chronic supply chain issues that plague OEM and EMS companies.

Ten years after our founding (January 2015) Lytica spun off the SCM Consultancy side of the business to form Silecta. Silecta Inc. functions as an extension of their clients’ organization by focusing on Supply Chain Management, Component Engineering and Security of Supply.

Lytica remains focused on developing more ‘game changing’ applications like their flagship product - Before, companies couldn’t accurately benchmark just how competitive the electronic component content of their COGS was. Though proprietary statistical algorithms, characterizes a company’s spend by commodity and provides pricing targets, down to the granularity of individual components for the most ‘out of line’ components. Because information is presented in the clients’ own commodity and part numbering format, Commodity and Category managers can get fast results.

Based in Ottawa, Canada, Lytica’s analytics customers span the globe with customers in Canada, USA, Europe, India and China.







A knowledge based company that helps companies Benchmark their electronics spend. Our tools identify cost savings for OEM and EMS companies.

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