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ATC Program

Progress drives change

How Lytica became a unique analytics company: Part 17 I missed a cycle in my biweekly blog posting. This I understand to be a faux pas of herculean proportion for bloggers as continuity and consistency are critical to readers. For this,…

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Component Cost Estimator App

The $25M Lunch

HOW LYTICA BECAME A UNIQUE ANALYTICS COMPANY: PART 13 As I write this blog I am also releasing new priced component data into the Component Cost Estimator (CCE) database with a 10 times increase in the number of components (MPNs)…

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What are we doing?

How are we doing?

How Lytica became a unique analytics company: Part 11 Every now and then it doesn’t hurt to stop and ask the question: what are we doing? I started asking this while the team has been going through verification of our…

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