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Quick insights into true electronic component market pricing from Lytica’s real-time reference library of electronic component intelligence.


Component Benchmarking

A full benchmark analysis and competitive positioning of your electronic component spend using Lytica’s reference library of electronic component intelligence.


Custom Solutions

Access component intel the way you want, whenever you want. We will create a tailored solution providing integrated access to Lytica’s real-time reference library of electronic component intelligence.

Beyond Pricing Intelligence

“The file Lytica provided helped greatly in identifying potential alternative sources for multiple part numbers. Overall the report quickly drove conversations and collaboration. Ultimately, helping solve some very time critical shortage issues.”

Sr. Director, Supply Management
Leading Communication Equipment Manufacturer

Beyond Pricing Intelligence

We work with the best in the world – over 95% repeat customers.


Lytica is completely independent of electronic component Manufacturers, Distributors, Suppliers, OEMs and Contract Manufacturers allowing us to give you an unbiased assessment of your electronic component spend.


Maintaining the confidentiality of our client’s data is something we take very seriously. No customer data is ever released, revealed or sold. Reports cannot be reversed-engineered to derive confidential data and the data we receive is used only in aggregate form for future reports.

The science behind a better electronic component sourcing tool


Component Benchmarking

Stay up to date with our industry thought leaders and their latest insights and solution to today’s topic of concern in the electronic supply chains.


Component Benchmarking

Watch videos about our electronic component market intelligence solutions and the competitive advantage of our price prediction approach.


Component Benchmarking

Learn how our price prediction solutions work and how we assist companies around the world with electronic component price negotiations.

Price Prediction using Bradley’s Law

Ken Bradley, Lytica’s founder theorized if he could characterize a customer’s electronic component spend by Commodity then he could use this characterization of Competitiveness to identify pricing outliers as a basis for negotiation. Ken’s theory was confirmed by customers worldwide and later recognized by Bradley’s Law.

Customers have proven time and time again that using Lytica’s price prediction approach for electronic components delivers high ROI with minimal effort compared to traditional cost reduction techniques.

Price Prediction using Bradley’s Law