Price Estimator

SupplyLens™ Plugin

The perfect market solution for
Component Engineers, Hardware
Designers & Purchasing.


Price Estimator

SupplyLens™ Plugin

  • Average Market Price
  • Market Leading Price
  • Competitiveness Level Price
  • Overall Risk Analysis
  • 5 Risk variables per MPN
  • Up to 5 Alternatives per MPN
  • Real-time Pricing and Risk notifications

True Market Insights

“The pricing and risk information provided by
Price Estimator assisted our team in preparing
for upcoming negotiations and gave us the
market knowledge needed to be confident in
our negotiations.”

VP Supply Management

We Keep it Real & Simple

Price Estimator is only based on real customer data. Distribution column pricing, manufacturer suggested pricing and internet pricing are not part of our database or used in any statistical models. How easy is it? Simply enter a Manufacturing Part Number (MPN) to unlock the true competitive advantages of Price Estimator. Gain true insights into your savings opportunities today!

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